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offers a continually changing selection of work by artists from the Blackwater area. We are usually open on Saturday and Tuesday mornings, from 10am to noon

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Where is WhimbrelArt?

It is in Tollesbury is a village in Essex with sea on three sides, fringed by marshes where birds have the space to hold big meetings. Amongst these busy birds you may spot (in due season, and if you're handy with binoculars), a whimbrel, which is a funny little fowl with an outrageously long curved beak that does indeed look like a whim of Nature's.

And close to the centre of Tollesbury itself you can spot (without binoculars) the WhimbrelArt gallery, where you will find pictures and other objets de vertu produced in this unique corner of England.

How do I get there?

Drive east along the B1023 and enter the Heart of Duckness. You will soon come to the Square (typical for Tollesbury, it is actually a triangle) on the right. This is the crown of the village, and its coruscating jewels include the bus-shelter and pub. Continue about 100 metres and WhimbrelArt is on your right.

If you get to the pharmacy, also on the right, you have gone too far. And if you go a little further, you will run out of road — but maybe not food, as there are several cafés down by the water. However, it is unwise to leave your car on the hard, because it floods at some high tides.

The street address of WhimbrelArt is 2 East Street, Tollesbury, CM9 8QD.

Greetings cards

The selection of greetings cards for sale in the gallery is continually changing. The picture above shows some samples.

Click on the picture for a closer view.
Links to artists' websites

Harmonious colour is the key to the watercolours and acrylics of Nicki Graham.

Portraits, landscapes and nature in oil and watercolour, by Martine Norman.

The OSB paintings by John Woodwark: large abstracts and curious still lifes, on your builder's favourite material.

Ceramics both useful and decorative, from Peter Deans, Tollesbury's favourite potter.
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